I remember when my new boss @ Citi decided to meet directly with different groups of reps “to get direct feedback” from the front line.

Problem was that she really didn’t know much about what these people actually did on a daily basis!!!

On the top level, of course she did! But I’m talking about the nitty-gritty & when you get ANY group of workers together to “elicit their feedback”, they’re gonna be very specific & talk about things that directly impact them every single day!

Next morning, at the start of her staff meeting with her direct reports, she tosses a sheet my way  with 25 of their “ideas, suggestions & recommendations”.

“And I want you, Mike, to start working on these recommendations immediately, right after this meeting!”

You can only imagine how f*ckin’ incensed I was…and I hadn’t even read the stuff!!!

I felt like saying, “Do you really think these kids know 25 things that I haven’t already addressed 10,000 times before?”, but her ego was even bigger than mine…and both our asses!

So I proceeded to review each item while she went on with her sales referral nonsense.

At the end of the meeting, I raised my hand.

“BTW, I just happened to review your list of 25, er, suggestions.

For 22 of them, it’s pretty clear to me that the rep really doesn’t understand how our systems works, doesn’t understand our products & services, or doesn’t realize that we already have this functionality. These should’ve been addressed immediately as soon as the rep said something & never made it onto any list. Now the rep is going away thinking they made a good suggestion when in reality, they don’t know how to do their job!

2 of them are good ideas. However, I’m ALREADY working with Systems on them & you could have told the rep that. In fact, they’re included in my weekly reviews that I send you.

Finally, 1 of the 25 is actually a new idea, but I need to research it further to better understand what exactly  they’re asking for & if it’s even feasible!

Pls don’t go out there by yourself again. At least take me with you!

Now you’ve created all this unnecessary work for me as I need to review all this material with the entire CitiPhone population since you don’t really know which rep said what.


She glared at me & tried to burn a hole through my forehead with her x-ray vision.

*deflector shields up & operable*

A week later, after I handed her copies of my “STUFF” & asked that she read them over the weekend (STUFF was an informal communication that I first sent to CitiPhone mgrs, then to all of CitiPhone, then to the entire USCC…8-10 issues, averaging about 5 pages each of single-spaced typed pages & asked her to read them… they represented everything that I believe in!) she later replied, “Oh, I wasn’t impressed!”. I knew she didn’t read more than a page or so.

And I knew right then & there that I couldn’t…WOULDN’T…work for her!

Either you didn’t respect me enough to actually read them…and then lied & said you did.

Or you read 1 issue at most & didn’t believe that what I stood for in my professional life didn’t impress you.

!If either was even partly true, then you & I are at opposite poles & this thing ain’t gonna work out!

I won’t compromise my beliefs, my approach to customer service, to ANYONE!!! Ever.

I marched directly into USCC CEO Ken Villano’s office & said, “I refuse to work for someone who doesn’t respect me! Get me the hell outta there!!!”

In 2 days, I found myself out of her org as I became the USCC Service Director.

Thanks so much for listening to me!!!

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