I’m Begging You…

Amongst the few things in life that I truly hate & despise…like nasty people, liars & bullies…are fakes.

People pretending to be what they’re not & especially, those who use this deception to trick people into doing stuff for the wrong reason.

Lemme give you an example…

One day, I was driving to Walmart when I approached the red light on the corner of Loop 1604 and Highway 281 here in NE San Antonio.

Naturally, I stop for the light on the service road & it’s usually a pretty long one as there are lots of cars wanting to get onto 1604, exiting 281, etc.. I immediately notice this lady on the side of the road with an obviously-terrible physical deformation, begging for money from the cars waiting at the light.

She’s dragging her leg behind her like a zombie. (Not trying to sound mean or insensitive, but it appeared as if she was overdramatizing her ailment.)

She had this very bright piece of luggage in the median by the turning lane, lying on the ground open, into which she would dump her “donations”. (Because of all the construction & rerouting of traffic at that very busy intersection, it took a few traffic light changes before I was able to proceed. As such, I was able to really observe this “poor lady” quite closely.)

And something just didn’t seem right to me.

There was something “out of place”. Being from NY, I was born with a very keen BS radar.

I can usually smell the 🐃 💩from miles away.

Her piece of luggage (which I saw her move) was an incredibly-bright orange color.

Almost fluorescent.

And her clothes.

For someone who’s begging on the streets, her sweatpants & sweatshirt both seemed perfectly clean. New, or pretty close to it. No signs of wear whatsoever from having such a hard life. They weren’t dirty in the least.

And she had sneakers on…and, yes, they were NOT the $15 ones that I usually buy. More like high-end ones.

And, again, if they weren’t (fairly) new, they were awfully clean “for a street person to be wearing”.

But the grotesque fashion in which she dragged her leg around (I would almost describe it as “a little too exaggerated”) was hard to ignore.

Man, she was raking in the dough! Almost every single car waiting at the light opened their window to give her money.

And it didn’t just look like some loose change, either!

I turned her away.

(Note: I rarely, if ever, give money to beggars. Instead, I’ll donate…regularly…to worthy community & charitable organizations, like Catholic Charities, Haven for Hope & United Way, so I know my money is going for a good cause & not to possibly support someone’s habit.

No, I’m not heartless.)

I was finally able to make my way through the intersection and into Walmart’s parking lot.

I did my thing and now I’m coming back & headin’ home. I snake my way through the fast-food community as I wanted to get onto the 281 South service road (headed toward that same general intersection, but from a different direction as before).

Lo and behold but who do I see? The beggar lady on the sidewalk…pulling her bright-orange luggage behind her!!!

But, OMG, she must’ve have somehow traveled through Our Lady of Fatima miracle territory to get here as she was ABSOLUTELY BOOKING IT toward Whataburger.

Any faster & she would’ve been running!

Dead serious.

“And, thank you, Baby Jesus, for healing her leg! No limp, no nothing. There truly is a God!!!

I immediately slam on the brakes & put my car into reverse. Oh, the cars behind me weren’t too pleased, but I’d be damned if I’m gonna let her get away!

As she turns into the Whataburger parking lot, I follow her (still in reverse, driving like a madman) & see her heading toward a large SUV parked over by itself in the corner.

My timing was impeccable as I pull up to the back of her car just as she’s putting her stash into the back seat.

Since she’s parked in a corner spot, I have her trapped…just like the disgusting rat that she is!

I get out to confront her & get met with “What are YOU doing?!?”

“What am I doing? Me? Really?

“Oh, I see that your crippled leg is all better now! What a friggin’ miracle!”

Then I really go on the attack.

I used words that even embarrassed me! 😱

About 15 miles away, at the National Cemetery in Fort Sam Houston, fallen soldiers are sitting up & taking notice at my colorful language!

I then start taking pictures of her, her car & the license plate.

She threatens to call the cops. I respond with, “Don’t bother! I already have my phone out…I’ll call them for ya!”

She starts going absolutely berserk & starts approaching me.

“Look, lady, I’m warnin’ you now! You so much as come any closer to me or touch me, I’m gonna hafta defend myself & lay you the &$@!%# out right here!”

Now, she’s stunned.

But then I think to myself, “If the cops were actually to come, would all this be considered ‘unlawful imprisonment’ or something stupid like that?”

Instead, I continue to take a few more pictures, then tell her, “I’m sharing all these pictures & info with a very good detective friend of mine.

You should expect a visit from him shortly. And I’m sending everything into the Express-News as well.

“If you dare show your face here again, or anywhere in San Antonio, begging for money, I’m gonna be up your ass.

And you’ll find 4 flats on your car, too! You won’t be going anywhere with that bad leg!”

I get into my car & pull back enough so she can back out of the spot.

And, of course, I try to follow her! But not very far…

She screeched up to the parking lot exit & immediately shot across 3 lanes of traffic toward the entrance onto 281 South!

I figured it was just best to let her go.

Yes, I shared all the stuff as I had warned her & never heard anything else about her.

I prayed a few times about her, NOT for her, asking that He legitimize her begging by granting her that deformity that was her big money maker.

And make her homeless.

Before I exhibit the proper Christian behavior toward someone, I want that Biblical “an eye for an eye” teaching to take place first.

“Victimless crime”, you say? Well then, just invite her in to rummage through your stuff while you’re not at home.

“Mind your own business, Mike!”??? Yeah, I easily could have, but I didn’t.

It just irked the shit outta me. Her hurrying up the sidewalk, pulling her haul behind, was like she was thumbing her nose at everyone who sincerely thought they were helping someone in need.

Stealing a little from many or a lot from a few is still stealing regardless.


As always, thank you so very much for listening!

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