Here’s the Scoop, er, Soup!

OK, here’s a cute story…

Several years ago (I’m not even sure if we were still in NY pre-11/93 or later in San Antonio), I took Laurie & Heather to dinner at this beautiful country restaurant that was converted from a house. I think we were on vacation & it was around Thanksgiving Day.


The spread was fabulous! This enormous turkey with all the trimmings…salads & vegetables galore…all kinds of baked goods…and dozens & dozens of delicious desserts! It was “help yourself”, and as often as you wanted, too!

Everything was beautifully presented & tasted even better!

A little while into our meal, an elderly couple came in & sat at the table right near us. A well-dressed gentleman & his lovely wife, they were all excited to try this great feast.

They returned to their table after filling their plates & started eating. “Oh my, Honey, you really need to try this vegetable soup! It’s sooooo delicious!”

I was kind of bewildered as I didn’t remember seeing any soup being served. I asked Laurie & she agreed…neither of us had seen any soup!

So despite the mountains of food we had already brought back to our table, we weren’t gonna miss out on that soup, especially with the rave reviews it just got from the li’l old lady.

I go back up on a mission, but I can’t find any traces of them serving soup. I even take a second pass through everything…still no soup!

I then take a closer look at the table that housed the turkey & everything and that’s when it hits me!

Right between the eyes!

I return to our table empty-handed, much to Laurie’s disappointment. “No soup, heh?”

“No, but now I know why – – but I don’t have the heart to say anything & possibly embarrass them!”

The li’l old lady who was enjoying her soup so much?

Next to big bird, amongst the stuffing & cranberries, there was a huge tureen of traditional turkey gravy…and another one full of turkey drippings, a somewhat-clear liquid with diced vegetables in it!!!

I couldn’t break her heart! She was eating a bowl full of drippings!

Hell, she wasn’t hurting anyone & besides, she seemed to really enjoy it! How cute!

We just went on with our meal & smiled. I then paid for their meal & wished them well as we left.

God bless her soul!

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