My daughter, Heather, brought home some outstanding tamales tonight for dinner…

…her buddy’s Kadillac tamales (chicken, spinach, jalapeño, cream cheese)!

Incredible! (BTW, Tamale Boy is located at 5400 S. Flores, SA.)

I remember when I came to San Antonio from NY in ’93. I had heard of tamales, but never really had one.

It must’ve been a few years later when I was in CitiPhone & one of the ladies was selling tamales. I figured, “What the hell? Let’s see what everyone’s raving about!”

I bought a couple…1 chicken, 1 pork.

Soon after I started digging in, I thought to myself, “I must’ve gotten one that’s undercooked or sumthin’! Lemme try the other one.”

Same deal.

Extremely chewy. Very much so.

I really started to question the sanity of my people…as well as the validity of the entire Hispanic culinary community…with their praise for these thingies.

I put up the white flag outside my office…I surrendered.

Just then, one of my gracious ladies came to my rescue! (I say “gracious” as she didn’t go down to Security to immediately have me thrown out of the building nor did she use the intercom to share my faux pas across the entire campus!)

Yes, I thought the husk was part of the dish!!!

Even to this day (and I’ve had my fair share of these delicacies), I often wonder why the treasure inside is, er, so small.

I’m like, If you’re gonna wrap up something so delicious to eat, make it big & hearty!

Nah, I really do love my tamales!

“Wow, this stuff is like chewing straw or a hand-woven placemat! It certainly needs to be cooked more!”


Damn stupid gringo!!!

Thank you so much for listening!

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