My daughter, Heather, served as a volunteer fireman & EMT in Helotes, TX (an incorporated city within San Antonio) back in the early 2000s.

One day, the fire station gets an emergency call from someone needing medical attention. A team of EMTs get dispatched to a home in nearby Grey Forest.

About 10 minutes later, another call comes into the station.

This time, it’s the EMT team that were just sent out on the previous assignment. Appears that the young lady who accidentally cut her hand opening a can (unsuccessfully, I might add) has now specifically requested that a female EMT attend to her injury.

As such, Heather heads out.

Upon arriving, she comes upon a beautiful, sprawling home set into the hillside. She’s met at the front door by the young blonde lady.

Heather does her thing & they get to talking as Heather’s completing her incident report.

Seems like the woman’s name is Amy.

Amy Duncan.

Her husband is Tim Duncan, superstar basketball player for the world champion San Antonio Spurs & one of the game’s all-time greats!!!

Nicknamed “the Big Fundamental”, he’s widely regarded as the best power forward of all time & one of the NBA’s greatest players. He’s the owner of 5 championship rings, 2 regular season MVPs, 3 Finals MVP awards, 15 All-Star game appearances, 10x All-NBA First Team & 8-time NBA All-Defensive Team selections!

Tim & the Spurs were away on an extended road trip when Amy had her li’l mishap.

She proceeded to give Heather a tour of their gorgeous home, including Timmy’s trophy room!

Heather was pretty excited about everything & of course, pleased that everything went well with patching up Mrs. Duncan’s hand.

When Heather calls me later in the day to tell me about her experience, I’m pretty intrigued about everything, especially the opportunity she had a take a look at Duncan’s trophy room.


“Well what, Dad?”

“Well, did you get to take home a souvenir, ya know, an autographed basketball or a big ol’ trophy or something???”

“Don’t be silly!

“I was just doing my job. She was super nice to me & I simply appreciated the fact that I was able to see inside their gorgeous home!”

“C’mon, not even a couple of baseline tickets as appreciation for when the Lakers come into town???”

“Daaaaaad! Stop!”

(Note: The Duncans have since divorced…unfortunately, it was a messy one, complete with some, er, unusual accusations hurled by each side at the other…and I know Tim has remarried. He & Amy currently share custody of their 2 children, Sydney & Draven.

And Heather now works full-time as an EMT for the country’s largest ambulance service.

And I don’t think she’s come upon as noteworthy a patient as Amy yet…

…though I am still waiting for Heather to publish her memoirs! 🤪)


Thank you so very much for listening!

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