When Will they…?

I rarely (if ever) write about something that’s political in nature, but…

Please correct me if I’m mistaken, completely wrong or just plain stupid (✋🏼), but when was the last time that a current politician…I hesitate to use the word “leader”…or any of the cavalcade of aspiring candidates spoke about TAKING BETTER CARE OF OUR ELDERLY & OUR HOMELESS VETERANS???

Before we spend another red cent (or $150B+ annually, for that matter) or promise anything…free health care, housing allowances, financial incentives, jobs, scholarships, voting privileges, food assistance…to any & every special interest group (including those who are here without our permission), how ‘bout we re-evaluate our priorities?

Is it because they’re not active voters???

No longer “valuable, productive members” of society???

People that we would rather not worry about or bother with???

They don’t have spokespeople. They don’t complain. They don’t have lobbyists & PACs working with our legislators. They’re not out on the streets picketing or protesting. Nobody even discusses them nor their plight.

It’s “funny” how we ALL grieve like hell when we lose a beloved matriarch/patriarch of our family or another elderly family member or friend.

It’s “ironic” when we’re incredibly grateful & thankful for those who’ve served, or continue to serve, our country (be it in the military or as a First Responder), but God forbid if they actually returned from war alive, but then fell victim to addiction, physical ailments, severe PTSD, mental/psychological/emotional problems, financial issues, a tight job market, bad luck…all of which could prove way more dangerous than anything they faced in the service.

Why is this “out of sight, out of mind” phenomenon so damned common?

They’re not the squeaky wheels so “we” (as a society) feel they don’t deserve nor need any oil?

Earlier in their lives, we loved them all to death. But now when they’re actually facing death…be it in a substandard facility for the aged, all alone at home or out “living” (?) on the dangerous streets…we tend to ignore them.

I don’t have an answer, although realigning our nation’s priorities would go a very long way toward helping…and that means real $$$ & real action, not bullshit lip service or hollow promises.

A lot of times (not always), people will only do stuff for others if they have an ulterior motive or if there’s a return in it for themselves…financial, recognition, votes, power, payback, compensation, reputation, influence.

NO ONE speaks up for these forgotten heroes, military ones or just heroes in our own families & lives. It’s just a very sad state of affairs.

Just some stuff to think about…

As always, thank you so much for listening!

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