That was Pretty Funny!

Went to one of my doctors the other day at Physicians Tower II in the Medical Center.

I got onto the elevator & headed for the 5th floor where the San Antonio Kidney Disease Center is located.

As the doors were closing, I heard someone approaching…“Hold the elevator, please!”

Never being able to quickly decipher between >|< and <|>, I just stuck my hand in the closing doors to stop them from closing all the way.

I know, one day, they’re just gonna swallow my damned arm. You can call me Lefty then.

Anyway, to my surprise, a clown stepped into the elevator. He was fully outfitted…the hat with the flower, big red nose, giant shoes, all the make-up.

He was carrying a bouquet of helium balloons & a beautifully-wrapped present, so I’m guessing he was hired to surprise someone on their birthday.

Since I was standing by the floor buttons, I asked “What floor would you like?“, but he saw that the 5th floor button was already lit so he just nodded & acknowledged that fact.

Everything was rather quiet as we headed up.

Then I heard this tiny squeaking sound…it was pretty obvious that my clown elevator mate had just passed gas!!!

I thought to myself, “I knew I smelled something funny!”


Ta-dum! 🥁

As always, thank you so very much for listening!

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