School’s Mission

I’ve been thinkin’…

(Yes, I know…what a surprise!)

It seems to me that schools are more interested in preparing students to become better students than they are in preparing students to become better people and more capable of survivin’ & thrivin’ in the real world.

And it’s been like that since I can remember.

Kinda like inbreeding, but without the cousin element! No need to develop more members of the world of academia…those that are interested in “learning more & more” or who have a penchant for teaching will always have that opportunity & will always be able to follow their dream.

And God bless ’em all as teachers…along with nurses, Moms, volunteers & mentors…are truly amongst this world’s most UMSUNG heroes.

But I’m not so sure that students who are “now entering the real world”…living on their own, managing their own affairs, EVEN IF they intend on going to college!!!…are as ready, as informed & as prepared to handle what they’re gonna face as they should be.

As they MUST be!

Life is more than difficult enough even when you’ve been doing it for awhile. Just think back to how much you now know about LIFE…not math, history, science or English…than you did when you were just 17 or 18.

I am NOT discounting the incredible importance of what you learn in school.

Not in the least.

But I just gotta believe that some instruction about handling financial matters (investing, Checking accounts, budgeting, Stocks & bonds, etc.) would’ve been a helluva lot more useful & helpful to me than the Advanced Calculus class I took with Brother Stephen at Xaverian HS back in Brooklyn.

How ’bout how to manage a household? Using power tools? Maintaining your car? Home Economics?


It’s about time we woke up, no?

Just sayin’…

As always, thank you so much for listening!

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