Risin’ From The Dead

Cute story and like everything else in my li’l blog here, 100% accurate & true…

(Uh, well maybe 99% accurate as my memory tends to forget a few of the gory details from time to time. The stories are always true & yes, they all occurred during my lifetime!

My dreams are a whole different story…)

When my daughter took me to a Yankees game @ Minute Maid Park in Houston back in April 2019, I had to use a wheelchair to get from our car to our seats in the handicapped section of the stadium. It was quite the task for Heather, but she performed like a real trooper!

The seats were excellent (at the rear of the 2nd level) & surprising inexpensive, especially considering today’s prices for just about anything & everything!

The game was great, even though the Astros beat my Yankees 3-1.

Anytime I can see these guys in person…I would go up to Arlington, TX with Dana Mitchell (RIP) to watch them battle the Rangers in the early 2000s, to Tropicana Field (What’s with all these orange juice venues???) in St. Petersburg, FL to see them 9x a year when I lived & worked down there (’09-’10) & to Tampa by myself for their preseason games & workouts at the George Steinbrenner Field & training complex…it’s always a very special occasion for me!

I always try to watch as many Yankees games as possible on TV (as well as just about any baseball game or, for that matter, anything involving a ball or puck), but there’s nothing like going to the stadium to hear the buzz & feel the excitement in the crowd.

The funny (great?) part about watching the Yankees playing on the road (either vs. the Rangers in Arlington or the Rays in Tampa Bay) is that it was like being back in NY attending a Yankees home game…there were more Yankees fans in the stands than there were Rangers/Rays fans!!! That was so great seeing all the NY hats & shirts!

(“Hey, you! Yeah, the one in the silly Ass-tros cap there! Stop making those faces…I can see you!”)


And both parks had outstanding food & concession stands so it was always a fun time, even when my team lost.

Anyway, when Heather & I were at Minute Maid Park, Heather wheeled me over to the men’s room, somewhere around the 5th inning or so.

I got up out of the wheelchair, grabbed my cane & headed in to do my business.

It so happened that a young boy, holding his Dad’s hand, was approaching us right as I got out of the wheelchair.

Though they didn’t actually say anything aloud, they stopped dead in their tracks…😲 😲…gawking & probably thinking, “Holy cow, Batman, it must be a miracle!”

Ya know, like poor ol’ Lazarus rising from the dead!


I may be greatly impaired with my knees, back, hip & other crap, but I’m not a total cripple!

Physically, that is.

The mental & psychological state is quite a different matter now…

*makes that motor boat sound with his lips*


As always, thank you so much for listening!

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