Pets & Grandparents

Just found out that a good buddy of mine recently lost his faithful companion ūüź∂ of many years.

He was heartbroken & I could feel his pain.

Here’s something that I’ll often say, in one form or another, during these most difficult times…

“Our pets, much like our Grandparents, were sent to us directly from Him to improve our lives & help make us better, and more loving, people .

We love ’em as we do our own children & they’re the purest, most innocent, creatures on Earth.

They embody some of the very best qualities we hope to have ourselves…unbridled love & joy, loyal to the very core & no filter whatsoever.”

And when you think about it…AND IN NO WAY, SHAPE OF FORM IS THIS MEANT TO DENIGRATE ANYONE OR COMPARE THEM TO OUR PETS!!!…this is pretty much how we feel about our beloved Grandparents!

*lets his “foolishness” begin the sink in*

Unbridled love & joy…forever loyal…no filter…sent directly to us”!from Him/Her…help make us better people

I’m NOT saying to the same degree…duh…but basically, we here ABSOLUTELY ADORE THEM!!!

OK, I’ll just leave this one & maybe you’ll come around later…

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