Home, Sweet Home

Next to being in your own home with family, the next best place is someplace where the people make you feel at home.

Besides the homes of relatives & good friends, I’m also referring to your favorite restaurant.

Those can be the best places, too!

They make you feel special & somehow, the food even tastes better!

When we first moved to San Antonio in ‘93, we stayed at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort for a few weeks while our house was finished being built. In fact, when we came down 6 weeks prior to house-hunt & get to know the area better, we also stayed at this resort for a few days!

We fell in love with this gorgeous place & would go back EVERY WEEKEND for either the Friday or Saturday evening buffets. They were unbelievable feasts!

This became standard practice every weekend for months on end!

We skipped one weekend entirely (for whatever reason). I believe we have have flown back to NY…for a haircut actually, but I’ll say to visit family & friends! 😉

When we returned the following Friday, we were greeted by “Oh, Mr. & Mrs. LoRusso, we missed you last week! It’s so good to see you again!” In addition, so many waiters & waitresses stopped by our table to say hello & ask if everything was all right.

We continued the tradition for well over a couple of years or so, only missing an occasional weekend every now & then.

And whenever we had an upcoming trip back to NY booked for the near future, we were sure to let them know in advance so they wouldn’t worry about us!

Being more than halfway across the country, having no other family nearby & needing to make new friends everywhere, including work, it was always so comforting to go have a wonderful meal, surrounded by such nice & friendly people.

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