OK now, everyone, if it’s…

man > > > men

woman > > > women

…then why isn’t it

human > > > humen? 🤔

Along that same line, why is it “children” when there isn’t even a “childran”?

And what the hell is wrong with “childs”?

There are thousands upon thousands of other idiosyncrasies (< < now there’s a word that I’d bet 95%+ of people would spell inkorecktly!) in the English language…enough to fill an entire liebrary!

(Ya gotta problem? Write your Congressman.)

Yes, it’s quite obvious that all those years spent in school & corporate America have surely paid dividends! 😜 🤡

As always, thank you for listening!

P.S.  Yes, yes, I KNOW you have several (hundred) examples running through your head right now where our language is just so damned baffling.

Pls feel free to share!

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