I spend my days either on my phone or watching TV.

95% of my TV time centers around sports, food/cooking shows & National Geographic/Animal Planet.

One of my favorite shows is “Secrets of the Zoo”! It provides some great, behind-the-scenes looks at 3 absolutely-amazing zoos: the Bronx Zoo (in NYC), the Tampa Zoo & the world-famous Columbus Zoo (in OH).

I happen to have lived in all 3 areas.

37 years in NY…went to the Bronx Zoo ONCE! (The real zoo, not Yankee Stadium!)

Lived in St. Petersburg, <5 mins from Tampa…NEVER went to the zoo!

Columbus was my home for 5 yard…NO visits to the zoo!

Sheesh, what a loser!!! 🧔🏻 🥊 🐘

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