I’ve been seeing Dr. Juan Rubio, an ophthalmology specialist with Retina Associates of South Texas since Nov 2015 when I moved back to San Antonio after spending 5 years in priso, er, living in Columbus, OH.

He’s been treating my diabetic retinopathy & macular degeneration ..and I’ve been incredibly pleased with his work.

As part of my treatments, I get regular injections of aflibercept from EYLEA in each of my eyes.

With all the blood tests, donations & IVs I’ve had over the years, needles don’t bother me much. I grit my teeth & just look the other way.

But lemme tell you one thing…

You haven’t lived, nor experienced real fright in your life, until you’ve had one of these EYLEA shots – – directly into your eyeball!

They put this contraption over your eye that keeps it wide open. And they’re nice enough to put generous amounts of a numbing agent in your eye as well.

But when you’re lying back in the chair & you see this needle heading your way…you can’t look away nor close your eye…it’s quite the experience, trust me.

And you can’t be jumping around or moving as there’s a needle in your eyeball!

And you can actually see the medication as it enters, and amasses in, your eye!

These injections are in addition to some rather painful laser treatments administered by Dr. Rubio. Not during the same visit, but you’re always sure of getting something, er, unique during almost every appointment!

And a funny thing happened when I was there this morning…

Dr. Rubio’s staff is absolutely incredible! Friendly, caring, knowledgeable, they always try to put you at ease.

And since I’ve been going there regularly for almost 5 years, they all know me pretty well & address me by “Mr. LoRusso”. (Note: Medical professionals are some of the very few people that I “allow” to address me as “Mr.”! It was strictly prohibited by me at work (“Mr. LoRusso?!? That was my Dad & he’s dead!”) And I only allowed Ernest Montoya, Team Leader in CitiBusiness Customer Service, to call me “Sir” as I took that as a high compliment & honor coming from Ernest.)


There’s one guy on staff that takes pictures of my eyes using my some special imaging machine.

During my very first visit, I thought I heard another staff member address him as “Francisco”.

Or so I thought.

After that time, I always made a point of addressing him as Francisco. Even if I see him across the room, I’d always say “Hi, Francisco!”

Today, after I went through a series of vision tests initially, I was led to the “picture room” where I was told, “Santiago will be with you shortly, Mr. LoRusso!”

Santiago?!? And I’ve been calling him Francisco all this time…and no one corrected me!

“Good morning, Santiago!”

I was way too embarrassed to even mention my faux pas to him! Francisco, San Francisco, Santiago. And somehow, I would always picture a box of Rice-a-Roni when I saw him…the San Francisco treat!

Heather cracked up when I told her the story in the car on the way back home.

“Oh, no, you didn’t!”.

We had a good laugh. Self-deprecation is, apparently, still one of my best personality traits.

After all, I got so much great material!

Thank you for listening!

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