COVID-19 & Face Masks

Here’s a Facebook post from April 2020 as we were mired in the Covid-19 pandemic…

“Last evening, I put out a plea for 25 masks to help out Lois Rizzi & the PVVFD/Putnam Valley Volunteer Fire Department (NY). They needed them in a hurry (by Friday, only 3 days away!) & were more than willing to pay for them as well as next-day FedEx.

I posted here on my FB page, on the “Practice INTENTIONAL acts of KINDNESS!” (Angie Meche’s group) & “C-I-T-I Reunion” group pages & on a bunch of other NY-based group pages, including “Where Staten Island Eats & Drinks”.

The very first person to respond (my wonderful friend, Celeste Nutter, who worked with/for me back in Nebraska in ’07-’08) immediately covered the 25 masks!!!

Mission accomplished!


Not quite.

Despite Lois putting out comments that she’s already received a commitment for the 25 masks she originally needed & my updating the posts, relaying the same basic information, people continued to offer to help.

> Diana Sams is waiting for more supplies to arrive next week & she’ll be sewing & sending more masks to Lois.

> Suzanne Button Meneses sent information on where to get reasonably-priced masks within 2 days.

> Mia Apolinar provided info on where to get masks & offered to donate a bunch as well & send them to Lois.

> Debbie-Sue Bertrand is asking friends of hers to help out with this cause.

> Lois’s friend up in Putnam Valley, NY (Michele Baloga Smith) will be sending some masks over to Lois.

> Stephen Bucchere provided direct contact info on a retailer in Brooklyn who has masks for sale.

> Edna Rodriguez (Citi) has generously offered to make masks & send them to Lois.

> Esmeralda Lopez (Citi) will be making 25 masks & sending them up to Lois.

> Joe Casillas (Citi) will be sending ~20 masks up to Lois.

> Debra Ramirez Garza (Citi) is sending a complete box of 20 masks to Lois.

> Lillian Cordero Bermudez, Tina Aldazabal, Rob Castilletti & Jesse Villanueva all contacted Lois directly & generously offered their help.

> About 10 different people on the “Where Staten Island Eats & Drinks” FB page offered very helpful info on where to purchase masks, on groups that are making masks in exchange for donations, etc..

> Jennifer Kesheki Lizo from Manalapan, NJ (a member of the S.I. Eats & Drinks group & a TOTAL STRANGER to both Lois & me) will be donating 20 N95 respirator masks & sending them to Lois tomorrow!

Just about everyone has offered to make their masks for free or cover the purchase price themselves, despite the fact that Lois offered to pay for both the masks & overnight shipping from the very beginning.

I also offered to cover any costs incurred by these wonderful individuals.

It truly warmed my heart to serve as Lois’s spokesperson (she was really just looking for the lady who previously mentioned making some masks at home) & as middleman between her & my friends with such big hearts!!!

You guys truly amaze me!

Lois & the PVVFD will certainly have enough masks for Friday as well as extra for their brave volunteers. In addition, she will share all extra masks with other volunteer organizations serving the community as well as with some NY-area hospitals.

To date, NY alone has suffered almost 14,000 deaths from this monster, including many front-line medical personnel & First Responders.

Every little bit helps!

Pls be careful, remain safe & STAY AT HOME!!! May He always watch ov er & protect you! ❤️ 🙏🏼 💪🏼 😷 🎚

Got one last thing to say…

Received an early morning message from Lois (despite our communicating well into the wee hours last night), not only again thanking all you wonderful people, but also suggesting that this effort is not over!

People should still consider making donations (homemade masks, purchased masks, $) to their local volunteer fire department, to other volunteer groups serving the community, to First Responders, to nursing homes & to their own local area hospitals.

We’re all in this together and if we all work together, we’ll all come out on top! God bless you!!!! ❤️ 🙏🏼 🎚 😇”

As always, thank you so very much for listening!

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