Close, but no Cigar!

I never had a hole-in-one in golf…though I came close twice at Disney World (hitting the flag at the Lake Buena Vista & Magnolia courses on consecutive days) & once at the Mission Del Lago course in San Antonio (when my 9-iron stopped inches short of the hole).

Never pitched a complete game no-hitter in baseball, though I’ve hurled a few one-hitters in my day.

Never rolled a perfect 300 game in bowling (12 consecutive strikes), though I once opened with 9 consecutive strikes, then choked like a dog on the first ball (8 pins) in the 10th frame! I also bowled a 290 (spare, followed by 11 strikes) & several 279 games (11 strikes with one heartbreaking spate somewhere along the line).

My love life? I was happily married for 21 years (and 4 days) when my Laurie succumbed to cancer, the day before 9-11. I really hit the jackpot there.

But in the very beginning, she pursued me. Guess I’ve always had this “shy around girls” thingie working against me.

But after that, I always seemed to be a dollar short or a day late. Always.

There was the incredibly-gorgeous “JoAnne” who was actually a friend of my wife. She was always the topic of conversation amongst the guys whenever a bunch of us couples got together. And she was the nicest person ever, so much so that every lady loved her (which sometimes doesn’t happen when the lady is a knockout). A year after Laurie died, she admits to me that she’s been madly in love with me since we first met years earlier & would love for me to marry her…if the sale of her home here in San Antonio falls through as she promised her abusive husband that she would follow him to Virginia to live if the house sells quickly.

It sold & she left San Antonio (& my heart) just 2 weeks later.

She was so out of my league but somehow, was crazy about me.

Then, the beautiful young lady at Citi (who I really liked) who had a major crush on me…that I didn’t find out about until 13 years later! She was in a stable relationship by then & I really missed out.

The gorgeous woman in Nebraska who I always thought was incredible sexy & friendly…who never gave me any hint whatsoever until she sent me a Christmas gift 5 years later, after I had already moved to Florida, then Ohio.

And finally, a gorgeous flame from my past with whom I lost contact for years, but by the time we reunited (just a few years ago), my health had already deteriorated so badly, I was physically unable to uphold my end of a true relationship.

4 unbelievable women…one nicer than the other, one more gorgeous than the other…all telling me that they were crazy about me (as I was about them), but not until it was too late for me to do anything about it.

And trust me when I tell ya that I never considered myself to be in their league! Nor anywhere in the vicinity!

Actually, that may have been my problem.

Oh, well, I can continue to cry over spilled milk…or I can , st least, not do it in front of everybody.

But since I’m being open & honest about…

Ooops, just ran outta ink.

As always, thank you so much for listening!

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