Best Review So Far (Ever?)

I’ve gotten some pretty positive reactions so far to my blog thingie.

I’m not sure, though, if I’ll ever get a better review that this one…

Sometime between 4 and 5:30 this morning, while I was reading your blog, I decided that I needed a written version of your blog, i.e., a book or “hard copy”. In this way, I can mark off the ones I read, highlight certain things, and underline & star some stuff so I can write in the margins and have copies for my children and someday, for my grandchildren!!!!! There are certain parts I want them to read when they get older.”

Completely humbled by those heartfelt remarks…

Yes, I’m seriously considering that, at this point, with more than 150 of these essays re-published in FB, it’s about time to put together a book.

An e-book.

Time to discuss the topic with my great buddy of 40+ years, Mike Loewenberg, who designed & built my website ( & was a driving force behind this whole initiative.

A few years ago, he said, “I’m getting really tired of constantly reading your stories in Facebook! You need to write them all down in one place!”

As the owner & founder of MESH Business Solutions, Mike has an absolutely brilliant, creative mind. Of course, I contribute all of that to the fact that we worked closely together early on in our careers at Citi.

And that’s where our friendship evolved. Over time, it has simply cemented itself.

The initial premise of the blog was to gauge “reader acceptance” & then, if things looked positive, examine the feasibility of selling an e-book on Amazon.


As always, thank you!l so very much for listening!

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