Being Religious & Being Righteous 

If you’re even remotely interested in knowing what “RELIGIOUS FANATICISM” looks like in real life, here’s a good example…

…followed by my retort!

* * * WARNING: This is a lengthy post! * * *

> > Original e-mail (not sent directly to me, but later included in a distribution sent to me & hundreds of others)

“Not long ago those baptized in the Roman Catholic Church were given the name of a saint.  Patron Saints are a guide through life to pursue the saint’s virtues and good works.  In fact, without such a name, the baptizing priest would not proceed.  After Vatican Council II, all this has changed not only in the Church but throughout Christendom.  As an aside, our Jewish brethren tend to be faithful to the names in the Old Testament such as David, Abraham, Joel, Benjamin, Joshua and so on.

There is an auto repair shop near us in Seaford named Joseph . It turns out that the current owner, Stephen, is the son of Erzsébet (Elizabeth) and József (Joseph), both Christian names, both born in Hungary and immigrants to the US.  My parents’ names were István (St. Stephen) and my mother’s was Ilona (St. Helen of Constantinople, Empress Helena [c.250-c.330 AD] mother of Constantine the Great). Actually my mother was baptized as Mária Ilona.  Today we have names like Bo, Hunter, Chance, Ty, Trace, Devon and so on for males and Mac, Kayleigh, Tammy, Harper (We have been to Harper’s Ferry, W. Virginia but I never realized that the name would be used by a young female I saw on TV.) and so forth for females.  Our Black, male and female, brethren have names I have difficulty spelling. These folks, most had nothing to say about what they were named as infants, could conceivably hear about it at the Particular Judgement especially if they changed their Christian names as adults to secular names.  Pray for these folks and for the future return to names of Saints to serve as models and patrons.”

> > My response follows…

“Lemme offer my opinion on the subject here…

In your wildest dreams, do you really think that God worries about what our name is???

NO ONE will be entering Heaven solely because they were “a good Catholic”.

Or solely because they always went to church.

God only cares about one thing…

Were you a good person & did you demonstrate that goodness in your actions, words & thoughts?

Your statement “Pray for these folks and for the future return to names of Saints to serve as models and patrons” is both insulting to me & everyone else who named their children with a non-Saint name or have a non-Saint name!!!


By making this statement, you’re basically saying that “we did something wrong” or “are in need of help”!

I named my daughter Heather. She is an incredible woman, currently an EMT. As a teenager & during her early 20s, we was a volunteer fireman.

She is responsible for having personally saved a few people’s lives.

She doesn’t need or want your damned “help”. Nor do I.

How sick can you possibly be to believe that solely because someone has a non-Saint name, they are less than what they are & need anyone’s prayers?!?

You pray for someone who is less fortunate than you. Or who is going through a tough situation in life. Or who needs forgiveness for what they’ve done wrong.

NONE OF THESE REASONS apply because of someone’s name!!!

All other things aside, they are NOT any less “worthy” or “good” in God’s eyes as the person named after a Saint.

To even remotely suggest that they change their name is SICK, PERVERTED & ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!!!

I can’t believe if I’ve ever read anything more outrageous or downright stupid in my entire life!!!

I don’t care how “religious” you are or if you think you know what it takes to get into Heaven, but subscribing to everything that the Church tells you is NOT the only way.

Taking your religious fanaticism to the nth degree doesn’t make you better than anyone else. It’s NOT the little extra that’ll ensure a wonderful afterlife.

There are no levels in Heaven.

It’s a yes or no proposition. (Purgatory is a whole matter now.)

You don’t get to sit any closer to Him depending on your level of holiness. No one counts your sins. There is no gold or platinum card in Heaven. You don’t get extra perks if you’re named _ _ _ _ _ _, Michael or Mary.

Conversely, you’re not “less than perfect”…all other things aside…if you’re named Heather, Joy or have an African name.

I imagine (and I’m pretty sure that you think this way) that you believe that a person born in China (or wherever) who never even heard of Catholicism, much less practiced our faith, could NEVER get into Heaven.

Do you really think that God created a world where billions upon billions of people – – even those that lead the absolute best lives possible – – could NEVER get into Heaven SOLELY because they were never baptized?!?


I was born & raised a Roman Catholic…went to Catholic grade school & HS…served as an altar boy…attended Sunday Mass regularly (up to a certain point when I became “disenchanted” with the Church’s “outdated, useless &/or simply wrong” doctrines & their hypocrisy).

The Church “created” their own rules. They did not come directly from Jesus.

Do you think it’s right to outlaw all forms of contraception while this world has millions upon millions of unwanted babies every single year???

Again I bet in some future Ecumenical Council, they’ll change their stance on it.

Can you really expect people to follow the “rhythm method”, even in 3rd world countries?

What about the spread of venereal diseases? Watching the calendar ain’t gonna help that!!!

Do you think it’s right that we don’t have woman priests? I said “right”, not “what the Church tells you”?

Really? Why? The Church is carrying the beliefs from hundreds & thousands of years ago when it was universally accepted that “women were less than men”!

I thought we were all the same in His eyes???

Catholicism is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL for those that believe & it’ll provide you with a great roadmap to follow to get into Heaven!

But being a devout Catholic is NOT the only way to get into Heaven.

What about the “infallibility of the Pope on universal doctrine”?

Did Jesus ever say that?

Fallible men decreed that a fallible man could be – – actually IS – – infallible in certain instances “because they said so”.

How ridiculous is that?!?

What about hiding, defending &/or transferring all those evil & abusive priests? Is that what Jesus would’ve done?

What about all the problems with the Vatican Bank? Who is ultimately in charge & ultimately responsible?

I had Nuns who would physically kick the shit outta kids…Sister Virginia once slapped a 6th grader because she didn’t like her bangs!!! Another time, she hit my classmate because she didn’t like her older sister!!!…but the Church never did anything to rein in this nonsense. She once grabbed my hair on the back of my head & repeatedly smashed my face into the blackboard because I was talking in class!!!

The Church is far from perfect. But they refuse to acknowledge it!

But when a religious fanatic…yes, that’s what you are!…says that someone’s NAME makes them less than perfect, to the point where you recommend us praying for these “poor people”, I’m putting my foot down & calling a spade, a spade!!!

I’ll be happy to debate you & anyone else that you’d like to bring along about the “need” to name our children after Saints & why it would be in someone’s best interest to change their name if they happen to have a non-Saint one.

Anywhere, anytime, for however long it takes.

I know that I’ll never change your mind. And neither will you change mine.

But I find your stance PERSONALLY OFFENSIVE, to me & all other Catholics who have done nothing wrong!

Have a good day!

BTW, I’m not really sure what I believe will happen after we die. (I know I spoke about Heaven, but that was more for _ _ _ _ _ _’s sake than mine.)

I’m not even sure if our “consciousness” continues while our human existence is no longer.

Anyway, have a WONDERFUL day…while we’re still able! ❤️

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