It’s ALL About Helping!!!

Is there a better feeling in the whole world than accomplishing something really great???

Something so incredibly meaningful & wonderful???

Something for which you’ve worked your butt off, tried so damned hard & sacrificed so much???

Truthfully, is there any better feeling anywhere???

* * * * * * Hmmmm… 🤔 * * * * * *

Oh, I know!

It’s when YOU’RE ABLE TO HELP SOMEONE ELSE accomplish something really great, or meaningful, or wonderful!!!

Perhaps someone you love, someone who’s so very important to you.

Or maybe it’s someone who’s actually NOT part of your immediate family…or someone with whom you “only” have a casual, friendly relationship…or someone you don’t even know!

That’s what LIFE is really all about!

I love looking at all the wonderful pictures of the recent, oh-so-very-proud-and-deservingly-so graduates…

…but I especially enjoy seeing, and listening to, the beaming parents, relatives & friends!

If that’s your goal in life – – to help others achieve THEIR goals through YOUR parenting or teaching or counseling or guiding or volunteering or helping or donating – – then you most certainly have your life’s priorities in order!

That’s what’ll make this world a better place in which to live!

On a very personal note…

As you probably already know…’cause I’ve either said/written it a few thousand times or you’ve been in my company since I moved back to San Antonio in late ’15…I’m disabled.

I have an incredibly-difficult time getting around & am in pain (legs, back, neck, shoulders) most of the time.

Stiff necks really suck, heh? Having one every day is the pits, especially when it seems to reside in most of your joints. And Mr. Arthur Ritis certainly isn’t helping matters much.

These afflictions have taken away any chance of my enjoying either playing golf or going bowling, two of my “old man” passions.

A much better bowler than golfer, I nevertheless enjoyed each of these sports immensely! Obsessed is probably a much more accurate description.

That’s been soooo frustrating with which for me to deal. C’mon, even us 🦕 🦖 should be able to participate in this stuff, right?

But, BY FAR, the absolutely worst part of my physical situation (mess?) is my inability to work again. (Note: I also got this eye thing going on.)

Aside from the financial & psychological difficulties of not working, I’m no longer able to HELP.

Yeah, I got all the “normal” satisfactions from working…accomplishing goals, leading people, being part of a team, interacting with different people, setting an example, etc…but the thing I miss most is that I can no longer help “my people”.

“My people” could be direct & indirect reports, but also those I/we served, people with whom we interact as parts of the larger puzzle, anyone that I could “touch” with the spoken & written word.

I loved being able to make a difference… a real, tangible difference… in people’s lives.





Is it “A good employee is a happy employee” or “A happy employee is a good employee”???

All I know is that unless you’re a KNOWLEDGEABLE employee…an EMPOWERED employee…a MOTIVATED employee…a PASSIONATE employee…an APPRECIATED employee…it will be (nearly) impossible to be either a good or happy employee.

That was ALWAYS my goal at work – – have happy employees, have good employees. And not just “mine”, but everyone in the organization, even if that spanned the country or the globe.

What can I do this year, this month, this week, today, RIGHT NOW to help someone be better & be happier?

That’s what always drove me to be absolutely maniacal at my work…

…because it was my passion. My life’s goal.

And that’s been taken away from me & it’s left this huge abyss in my life. This blog has helped to fill some of that void.

On that note…


Thank you so very much for being a wonderful audience!

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