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Probably the most fun I've ever had on Halloween, especially at work, was back in 1987 when I was with CitiPhone on Long Island. We...
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Red vs. Blue

I remember the incredibly-uneasy (that's code for 🤮) feelings I had after the Citi-Travelers merger in the late 1990s.I hated the thought of combining our...
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Customer Centric

Customer-centric. That's what you, your people & your company MUST be in order to truly be successful in today's world. Oh, yeah, everyone says it,...
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Here’s another great quote from Sean Gagnon, CEO of The Abs Company... “The simple act of acknowledgment goes a long way in strengthening culture and...
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I know that everyone has heard, or experienced, their share of Thanksgiving Day “episodes”. Cute, disastrous, dangerous, funny...but always memorable. Of course, I know a...
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It’s important in EVERY position in a business...whether you’re the head honcho, someone who’s been around forever, or the newbie that just walked in the...
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Holy shit!

After Laurie passed away in 2001, it took a while to adjust to my new life without her. Things were so very different as one...
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Being a Leader

As a leader, it’s really incumbent upon you to be totally involved with, and invested in, your organization & your company. And your people. Oh,...
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Ewww, What’s That Smell?!?

Back in September of 2019, you know, when the world was still (semi-)normal, we started a special group on Facebook called "Citi Reunion". Originally began as...
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The Great ATM Scam of ’02

There was a ATM fraud controversy several years ago that wasn't highly publicized (if at all) in the newspapers or on TV. And I happened...
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C-I-T-I Reunion Invoked Memories

Our "C-I-T-I Reunion" Facebook group - -!over 2,000 people strong & still growing - -!has afforded us a wonderful opportunity to reminisce with so many...
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Sometimes, Ya Just Gotta…

Sometimes, ya gotta do stuff that you simply don't agree with. Or that you despise the people that were behind a particular event or initiative....
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