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The Tire Co-in-ky-dink

I have this incredibly-frustrating habit of constantly putting off at least one very important deliverable.If you're able to review the thousands of To Do lists...

Great Service Experience

Great serviceFor over 2 months, I've been trying very hard to get a Freestyle Libre 14-day CGM/Continuous Glucose Monitoring system from Byram Medical Centers. (I...

Test of a Warrior

Ah, the good ol' days...and the infamous Sunday evening "Test of the Warrior"!!! 💪🏼 💪🏼 💪🏼No, it didn't involve any feats of strength (although the...

Cheesecake Recipes

A long time ago, when I was managi, er, leading Customer Service @ Lehman Bros, I came across a very seasoned, knowledgeable rep with an...

Perception Is Reality

Perception is reality. Not sure there's anything spoken truer than that! I really don't give a crap about your intentions...nor the effort...nor the time invested...nor...

Communications Reminders

Before I start with my normal spiel, I'd like to tell you about this 90-second video snippet I watched of an interview with the esteemed...

Adjusting to San Antonio

I remember when we first moved to San Antonio from NY in October 1993 (and on Halloween, no less! 👻) as it certainly took us...

Respect, Trust & Passion

Whenever I assumed responsibility for a new/additional area or department, I’d always try to hold a staff meeting(s) with all my people. I believe it’s...

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