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It’s ALL About Helping!!!

Is there a better feeling in the whole world than accomplishing something really great??? Something so incredibly meaningful & wonderful??? Something for which you've worked...
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🎵 I Just Met a Girl Named M… 🎶

Disclaimer: For those of you that actually read my stories, pls lemme apologize (explain) if you think I'm doing nuthin' but bragging & patting myself...
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Climb the Highest Mountain, Swim the Deepest Sea

If you ever wanna be successful in life...and there's a whole ton of different definitions of "success"...in addition to your own talent, abilities & work...
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She Said What?!?

This past Saturday, I got a late night FaceTime call from a rather-new, but very special, friend of mine, Cyndi Alvarez Brunson. Cyndi's husband, Tavi,...
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Best Review So Far (Ever?)

I've gotten some pretty positive reactions so far to my blog thingie. I'm not sure, though, if I'll ever get a better review that this...
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Man of La Mancha

A wise man...OK, OK, a wise ass...once said, “TODAY’S WORLD IS FILLED WITH YESTERDAY’S IMPOSSIBILITIES!” Yeah, it’s original, from 3+ years ago (Oct '17). Be...
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Spurs & Stuff

Moving from NY to San Antonio in 1993 was a major lifestyle change for me & my family (my wife, Laurie & our 9 y/o...
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Damn Gringo!

A few months back, my daughter, Heather, brought home some outstanding tamales for dinner... ...her buddy's Kadillac tamales (chicken, spinach, jalapeño, cream cheese)! They were...
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You Wanna Know How I Feel???

A few months ago, I learned about the recent passing of one of my Regina baseball coaches, Jerry Dente, from back when I was a...
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One of the best things about growing up & living in the "greatest city in the world" (New York, NY...so great, they named it twice!)...
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Card Skimmers

I keep reading all these stories about “credit card skimmers” (designed to steal your card # & code). Just saw one yesterday where 12 new...
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Over the years, I've ALWAYS told myself - - and my people - - that "...you can definitely learn something new... ...EVERY, SINGLE DAY!!!" For...
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