Yeah, It’s Your Job!

As I’ve said pretty often, the reason that I really went to work…and what I’ve missed so incredibly much these past 12+ years being disabled/retired…was the ability to help people.

My people. My fellow employees. My customers. Yeah, even my bosses & upper management.

And this “helping people” can take SO MANY DIFFERENT FORMS…if you allow it to (and by all means, you should)!!!

There are a lot of bosses/managers/supervisors who believe there should be limits.

I, as a LEADER, did not.

Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that YOU should, or could, or even want to get involved in anything & everything.

I always felt that I was leading a group of people…with ALL their baggage & outside responsibilities & distractions & different mindsets…toward the accomplishment of a series of goals.

Business goals (defined, measurable targets & performance metrics, etc.). Employee goals (often expressed in “satisfaction levels”, attendance, retention). Customer goals (satisfaction, profitability, problem occurrence/satisfaction). Did you care

But did you, as a leader, CARE about your people?

Were they reaching their potential? Doing the right thing for their families? Personally happy & satisfied? Able to be themselves?

Here’s a comment I received from a former employee 28 YEARS LATER…

(Background: I had just flown into NY from San Antonio with my daughter, Heather, to spend time with my family & take a very good friend of mine to an Oldies dinner/event.

We were traveling to our hotel in Staten Island when we stopped for a quick bite.

When Heather went inside to grab our order, I received the following message.)

“Hi Mike. I just wanted to say something. First, let me start off by saying I’m sorry about your disability. I just found out by reading your blog. 2nd, I’ve had some deaths around me and I’ve regretted not saying things to people, so here it goes. LOL, it’s not bad!

I don’t know if you remember (Editor’s note: Yes, I remembered her!) but I was working at Citi in the Micrographics night shift when you started there. I got pregnant from another employee there in Micrographics as well. It was the worse time ever. I was outcasted by everyone and although it was only a very brief time, it felt like an eternity.  Every single day, I hated my job, I got there, sat outside the micrograghics dept as everyone else was in the room laughing, working, having fun and gossiping about me. Of course, not until years later did I find out that the same person that got me pregnant and told me how much he hated how everyone else treated me was the same person talking about me! Actually, now that I’m writing to you, perhaps no one was talking about me but he led me to believe that everyone was and that they hated me. Well, I remember walking into your office, which took a lot of courage that I had to build up, and asking you if I could move departments. It seemed like instantly you found me a day job in another dept. You spoke to someone over there, I didn’t have to apply for it or interview for it, I just moved there from one day to the next. Maybe it wasn’t next day as this was 27 years ago, my son is now 26 LOL, but it felt like the next day. Anyway, it may have been nothing to you but it meant the world to me. I’ve never forgotten and because of it, you’ll always have a special place in my heart.

Thank you for thatThank you for that,  Mike. I’ll always love you for it. 💝

Have a good time in

Nothing better than hearing “I’ll always love you for that! 💝”…no matter if it was 27 seconds later or 27 years.

Look, I could’ve easily referred her to HR or had her take a look at available job postings for which she was eligible.

But she was ONE OF MY PEOPLE!!!

Didn’t matter that I had just assumed responsibility for Micrographics. I didn’t care that since she worked on the night shift, that our paths hadn’t crossed much & that we hadn’t the chance yet to develop a strong working relationship.

She was one of my people…and she needed my help!!!

If really was no big deal (for me). Just pulled a few strings.

Well, apparently, it made a huge impression on her & was very instrumental in her   career & life.

Her words of love & appreciation absolutely made me feel so wonderful (which I really didn’t deserve for just a “routine thing”). I told her she made my month, not just my day!

What an amazingly sweet gesture her message was!!!

From an even more amazingly sweet person!

You’ll be shocked just how much your “Oh, it was no big deal, really!!!” actually means to other people!

That’s all it should take for you to spring into action! Get it?

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my story.

Oh, BTW, I just read a Facebook post from her a few weeks ago (early ’24) that SHE’S NOW A GRANDMA!!!

Her son & daughter-in-law just had a beautiful li’l girl, Emerald!!! 😇 ❤️🎊

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  1. Patricia Miller on February 27, 2024 at 4:38 pm

    I wish there were still managers like you.

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