What’s This Leadership Thing All About?

Lots of people think that being a leader is a big ego trip.

And they’re probably right!

But the manner in which you feed that ego really has nothing to do with those traits historically associated with egomaniacs…self-centered, authoritarian, demanding, stoic, absolute, “my way or the highway”, master/slave, know-it-all, exclusive (as opposed to inclusive), the “one & only”.

And while the greatest of leaders do, indeed, have a portion of ALL these characteristics (depends on the particular situation & a quick assessment of possible risks…there are times when “I don’t wanna hear it! Let’s move it!” is truly required), that is certainly not on what they base their reasons for success!

You must have a “big ego”…that certain swagger…the self-confidence…the innate ability to influence others…the willingness to lead from in front as well as push from behind…a magnetic personality…a penchant for being front and center…not afraid of the spotlight yet willing to share it with others…always giving your people the credit while accepting all the blame yourself…working with your people to jointly arrive at the right decisions instead of ramming stuff down their throat…being the first one in & the last one to leave…never, ever being out-worked, out-efforted, out-cared, out-smarted, out-anythinged or, at the very least, make that your goal…leading by example…so you can have that personal pride in what you & your people have accomplished for your customers & your company, NOT in your own position or the “power” you yield or the authority you have.

Take the greatest pleasure in what you have empowered, directed & led your organization to accomplish.

That’s how your ego gets stroked. Not by what you think, but rather, how you’re viewed by others.

Having power, or being in charge, doesn’t necessarily mean getting people to do what you want or forcing them to give you what you demand.

Rather, it’s recognizing that generosity, love & trust are truly powerful, essential forces in producing win/win relationships.

For all.

A chain is only as strong as its…

As always, thank you so much for listening!

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