Looking For a Job

Sometimes, you’ll need, or want, to look for another job…for a variety of different reasons.

Doesn’t really matter why, but you should always be prepared, even it’s “totally unexpected” or “completely out of left field”!

(“Be prepared”…that’s the Boy Scout motto! I loved being a Scout!)

Here are 5 things to do:

1. Believe in yourself and in your abilities. You may be jobless, but you are not worthless.

2. Focus on what you can change. Update your resume. Do courses online. Keep learning. Keep growing.

3. Don’t feel shy to contact friends, colleagues. Network. Refresh your connections.

4. Volunteer – not only will it help others, it will fill in the employment gap.

5. Speak positive words over your life. Visualize yourself in that position. Your time will come.

And if you know someone who is job searching, reach out to them. I’ve helped hundreds of people (friends, acquaintances, referrals, friends of friends) get jobs & it’s one of the most satisfying & helpful things you can ever do in your life!

Way back in the mid-80s, we stopped advertising for new Customer Service reps & relied solely on referrals from our own people.

And while I had an absolutely-INCREDIBLE staff, I’d always tell them…”Just make sure that they’re better than you!”

‘Cause if they’re not, then *insert growl here*!

Worked out extremely well!

And do NOT rely solely on company websites & job boards & head-hunters to find your next job.

Contact your friends at other companies. Call an old boss of yours. Get in touch with friends from school.

Often times, they’ll know about positions that haven’t been officially posted yet & may be able to provide an invaluable referral or recommendation for you.

Stay positive.

Thank again for listening!

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