It’s Hard to Communicate

Not everyone that you’ll come across…the single Mom on your team; the shy new worker; the abused child/spouse; the person lacking enough confidence to “take the next step”; the ones who always “keep to themselves”, etc…will directly express exactly how they feel, what they want & how they view things.

Yes, there are always “certain signs/indicators” that are so revealing to the “trained eye”: the loving parent noticing behavioral changes in the child…a sudden fall in grades…disinterest in certain activities that they previously enjoyed…increasing attrition in the workplace…decreased attendance at certain services or other events…a disparate level of satisfaction between different teams in the same workplace…a noticeable change in your partner’s habits/routines/likes/dislikes…that often go unnoticed or ignored by others!


Yes, “actions speak louder than words” is often 🎯, regardless of what is being said!

“Figures don’t lie, but liars don’t figure” is so prevalent in today’s politics & business that people just come to expect it & already put up their shields in anticipation. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “But, Mike, no one ever told us that before!!!”

“Active listening” depends on your eyes & brains as much as it does on your ears!

Communication is always a 2-way street. Take advantage of everything around you, including the environment, to gain a deeper insight into your people. If something is “just not right” or people , are “experiencing problems, having issues — be they business-related, personal or with their fellow employees — you’ll often be able to detect a behavioral change, a different  “attitude” or some sort of manifestation that “something’s amiss”!

But you need to be present…in mind, spirit & body and through your managers…to have the perspective necessary to notice the signs.

If all this li’l piece does is raise your awareness, remind you of your responsibilities or pique your interest, then it’s done its job!

As always, thanks so very much for listening!

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