5 Things Managers Need to Say More

Just read a small piece that truly resonates with me…

It’s entitled “Your Title Makes You a Manager…Your People Make You a Leader”

Perfectly said.

You’re appointed a manager, but you must make yourself a leader!

And NEVER, EVER forget that a leader leads people.

You can manage a project, an effort, even an organization, but only a leader can motivate an entire workforce to operate as one.

To always give their best…without asking.

To know what is required to succeed, as individuals & as a team.

The article cited 5 things that managers don’t say often enough to their people…and FOR ONCE (I think I may be ill or something), I’m just gonna list those things WITHOUT expanding upon them or telling you a bunch of stories.

Perhaps you’ll enjoy this change of pace…

1. “Thank you!”
2. “I appreciate you!”
3. “Your effort didn’t go unnoticed!”
4. “You are the glue that makes this team effective”
5. “Without you, we would be only a fraction of what we are!”

You’re all bright people & this stuff is pretty straightforward .

Here’s what I would recommend that you do, however…

Write it down someplace.

No, don’t enter it on-line somewhere, but rather, write it down on a piece of paper & put it on your desk.

Scotch tape it in place.

Make a border for your computer screen .

Make sure you’re always looking at it.

Yes, everything appears simple enough, but when you’re juggling 50 different things at once & trying to make sure that none of them fall to the ground, you’ll tend to zone out.

And remember, your people need not just do something spectacular for you to use these phrases.

Try using at least 1 or 2 of them with your people…EVERY DAY…without any specific reason whatsoever.

(And “your people” extends as far down in the organization as possible…not just your direct reports!)

And you can go outside your own area as well!

I’m sure there are other business units from which you look for support…guidance…counsel…manpower assistance…quality control…financial reporting…whatever.

Use ‘em & use ‘em often!

I would end every memo & e-mail I wrote…and I’ve written thousands upon thousands upon thousands of them…with these words: “Thanks, Mike”, “Thank You, Mike” or “Thank you so much, Mike”!

And, of course, thank you for listening!

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