I’m Soooooo Old…

Just saw a FB post saying that anyone born before 1998 came before Google.

Ah, that’s nuthin’, trust me!

I came before the Internet.

And when I actually stop to think about it, I also came before…


8-track cartridges, cassettes & CDs,

Seat belt laws,


Man walking on the moon, or even going up in space,

The NY Mets & Houston Astros,

Direct-dial long distance,

The Super Bowl,

When made in Japan meant something good,

Southwest Airlines,

Expensive sneakers & Nike,

The Big Mac & the Whopper,

The first $100K salary in basketball or football,

Air bags,


Computer mouse,

Soft contact lenses,

Pop Tarts, Doritos, Lucky Charms, Chips Ahoy, Gatorade, Sprite,

Video games,

The laser beam,

Zip codes,


Artificial turf,

Smoke detectors,

911 service,

Counter-top microwaves,

and even 😊 (the smiley face)!!!


Now, THAT’S OLD!!!

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