Facebook Helpful Hints

OK, let’s do this one more time…

No, you’ve NEVER been limited to seeing only 25 of your 5,327,409 friends’ posts on your news reel. Think about it.

No, FB has NOT changed its algorithm.

As long as you react to, and comment on, others’ posts, then you’ll start seeing each other’s posts on your respective news reels.

There’s no special magic associated with that “I’m now doing what everyone else…” post.

If people respond, guess what? They’ll be commenting on another person’s post…yours!


Oh, and BTW, you can’t post a disclaimer on your page, forbidding FB from sharing your info. Besides not being legally binding, it’s useless as you’ve already given them permission when you joined.

And they went public in May.

8 years ago.

And that does not affect the Member Agreement in any way, shape or form. Just more ads to satisfy their shareholders.

Now we can all sleep soundly… 😴

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