Over the years, I’ve ALWAYS told myself – – and my people – – that “…you can definitely learn something new…


For those that ever questioned that, or shot me that li’l doubting Thomas look, I would simply challenge them…

“If you don’t believe me, I’ll be happy to take you into my office & give you a test. We’ll bet a month’s worth of my salary against an hour of yours.

You game?”

It’s still true to this day, less the challenge (& the people part 😢).

For some of you, the origin/meaning of the term “doubting Thomas” (or even, its meaning) can serve as today’s opportunity for you.

(Note: It describes someone who’s skeptical & needs direct personal experience in order to truly believe something. One of the Apostles, Saint Thomas, doubted that Christ had actually risen from the dead, even though all the other Apostles had already seen Him. It wasn’t until he met & examined Him that he finally believed.)

*walks that fine line by citing “something religious”, just as dangerous as politics*

Watching the very end of First Things First show this morning on FoxSports, I witnessed a small birthday celebration for the co-host.

She’s a health fanatic & doesn’t like cake, so they presented her with a nice, celebratory platter of crudités.


I hafta admit that, while I (must’ve) heard that term before, I don’t think I ever knew the meaning!

Or did I just forget?

(At my age, I’m somewhat tempted to count “remembering things” as “learning new stuff”. I mean, I get the same “Really?!?” reaction to each experience.)

Basically, it means a tray of fresh, sliced or whole vegetables with a dipping sauce.

So I learned that today.

Let’s see what else I’ve learned recently…

– There’s actually a different (better?) way to open cans with a hand-held opener. You can Google the specifics, but you hold it different & actually remove the whole top from the outside (vs. cutting away the then -sharp lid).

– I’m a big fan of grammar.  🥱

Despite your derisive laughter, I’ll continue.

Love(d) diagramming sentences…pointing out faux pas in FB (your welcome, loose my mind, anyways, etc.) with my big ol’ aristocratic nose up in the air…and ensuring that I never end a sentence with a preposition (of, into, with, from, under, over, etc.). God forbid! 😱

BTW, as the wonderful English grammar enthusiasts that you all are, surely you know what the overwhelming majority of sentences end with, right???


Parole, of course!

On that note…

As always, thank you ever so much for your patronage!

BTW, the “preposition/sentence” rule is not always practical in conversational English.

Correct, but sounds weird: “Surely you know with what most sentences end.” 💩

Incorrect, but more normal: “Surely you know what most sentences end with.” 🤗




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