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Great service

For over 2 months, I’ve been trying very hard to get a Freestyle Libre 14-day CGM/Continuous Glucose Monitoring system from Byram Medical Centers. (I was originally diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes back in 2001.)

They’re an approved vendor with UnitedHealthcare for this type of equipment.

I’ve been taking insulin for almost 9 years now & besides having to inject myself a good 4-5 times a day (with either short- & long-acting insulin), I also have to regularly monitor my blood sugar levels by pricking my finger & using a glucometer.

It’s important to be vigilant about this stuff (and, especially, about what you eat & drink) as diabetes is one of the leading killers today in the country.

It’s already destroyed my kidneys, inflicted permanent, major damage to my eyes & affected my heart. (Hopefully, this’ll help serve as a wake-up call to everyone 40 & older as that’s when it tends to develop…diet & exercise can help keep it at bay.)

With a CGM, I’m able to wear a special 14-day monitor around my upper arm that will continuously measure my blood sugar level. While it won’t eliminate the insulin injections into my belly, it will get rid of all those damned annoying finger pokes (which are way worse)!

I started the process with Bryan Medical in early March…right before all hell broke loose across the nation.

But then, I couldn’t even get a status from them on my request.

Countless texts & VM messages left with my “coordinator”. Letters went umanswered. Hours & hours & hours on hold with their Customer Service center.

No answers, no reasons, no nuthin’. And the couple of times I actually spoke to a human being, they were unable to help me!

Finally, last week, after taking a circuitous route around their IVR prompts & enduring several transfers from unit to unit to unit, I finally landed at the desk of Tiffany Sadler.

Praise be to God!!!

In my career, I’ve listened to thousands upon thousands of customer service calls & reviewed countless call summaries, survey results & client testimonials.

I could easily write a whole book about this! (My, what a coinky-dink!)

Tiffany provided me with one of the very best service experiences IN MY ENTIRE LIFE…from what I’ve personally experienced, from what I’ve heard & from what I’ve read!!!

She’d get a 15…on a scale of 1 to 10! I’d give her a gold star & one of our famous Citi blue ribbons! I’d carve her a trophy myself out of Italian marble!

Looking at any & EVERY possible aspect of a service interaction, she exceeded my wildest expectations in every single category…and I am the toughest marker in the world.

Bar none. (Anyone who’s worked for me is now nodding their head.)

Tomorrow, my daughter will be typing up, and mailing, this complimentary letter I wrote to Mr. Perry Bernocchi, CEO of Byram, extolling Tiffany’s virtues.

In addition, I’m sending copies to the SVP of Operations, the EVP of Sales & Marketing, the Human Resources VP, Brittany’s manager and, of course, Brittany herself.

I truly hope they have some formal recognition program to honor Tiffany & the incredible job she did for the absolute biggest critic in the world.

I can usually find room for improvement, an opportunity to better something in some way, in the most perfectly-executed transaction anywhere in business or customer service.

But not with this one…and, trust me, I tried!

Thank you, Tiffany!

And as always, thank YOU so much for listening!

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