Once, in early ’07, I went on a 2nd interview with Capital One in New Orleans (for a Director position in their regional retail banking operations center).

Yes, they’re more than just credit cards!

(Note: Ironically, that’s EXACTLY how most people around the country, especially in San Antonio, felt about Citibank when I relocated here from New York in ’93…”Oh, yeah, I’ve heard of Citibank. You’re the credit card people!”

The fact that Citi was – – without a doubt – – the most successful (profitable), admired & ground-breaking financial services institution in America for decades really didn’t matter much if you weren’t advertising yourself on TV.

Hey, it is what I is…no big deal!)

Everything went extremely well during the whole interview process. They even introduced me to a number of their people & I felt pretty witty comfortable with everything.

Right? Who wouldn’t be?

When I left, I was fairly certain that they were gonna make me an offer.

But somehow, some way, from the time I went downstairs to catch a taxi back to the Louis Armstrong 🎺 Int’l Airport until I actually boarded the plane back home to San Antonio, I changed my mind about the whole thing.

I couldn’t help but notice the all high-water marks, courtesy of Hurricane Katrina, on many of the buildings downtown.

On the ride back to catch my flight, we passed the Louisiana Superdome & instantly, all the stories about the horrendous conditions & ugly incidents that occurred during the hurricane there came flooding through my mind.

A dark, solemn feeling just simply overcame me…and it instantly turned my mood.

I was now afraid. Sad.

Naturally, it was after the horrific Katrina catastrophe & perhaps, I should’ve felt more hopeful, more positive. I should’ve been encouraged to be part of the regrowth…privileged even.

But somehow, for whatever reason, I didn’t feel that way.

When I arrived at the airport, I called them back & asked that they remove me from consideration.

I thanked them for the opportunity & their hospitality…then flew back home to San Antonio.

I know I was (re)acting way too hastily for such an important life decision I was facing. I don’t deny that. But…

I just don’t know.

I often wondered, “What if…?”



As always, thank you so very much for listening.

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