Hopefully, This’ll Brighten Your Day

I put out an invite almost 2 years ago (via a FB post) for a follow-up Zoom call after the Regina Center Reunion I coordinated at the Staten Island Hilton.

With COVID, there were many people who, unfortunately, didn’t attend. Despite that, we still had 40+ attendees & I know that I had the BEST time in many a year.

Last “night” (~3AM), I get a FB notification that Hector Perez commented on my post.

Who dat?

After reading his comment, I was so incredibly proud to have grown up exactly where I did & to have spent my teenage years at the Regina Youth Center…with so many of you!!!

Here goes…

“I played for Our lady of Solace from Coney Island. We’d play Regina Pacis in many sports as a kid. Being a minority and traveling from Coney to all other C.Y.O TEAMS was a battle to say the least. One rainy night my brothers  and myself along with many other team members took the train to Regina pacis area. Unfortunately that night after the game, we headed back home via the B train. That night one of my brothers was hit by a car near the train station. He was hit twice by the same car. It was devastating to see my brother in the air only to come down and get hit again. It’s something I’ll never forget. The reason I’m telling you this is, I’ll also never forget the way the people in that area treated us ,I think it was 65th street, they came out to help & comfort my brother who lay in the street & I thought that night was his last. I attribute his survival that night to their kind tenderness and assistance to my brother, they were God sent. They called police immediately, they came out of their houses with blankets & pillows until the ambulance arrived, I’ll never ever forget that night and how those people in that neighborhood treated us. Our race & color of skin was never a factor to them. The heart the Regina Pacis neighborhood is Christ like.It is a blessing & it contributed to the life of my brother many years later. I will never forget & my patents also, because afterward they would come the hospital to visit my brother without knowing him leaving flowers and get well cards. My parents were amazed.  As far as I’m concerned, those families are part of mine forever. My brother is still alive today, he was tough, he went through a tough time then, but he never would’ve made without the help, prayer & hospitality of the Regins Pacis parish, they are God sent, many blessing to you all, God is great in the Hearts of the parish of Regina Pacis, amen, many blessings my brothers & sisters!”

I responded & thanked Hector.

He replied, “Awesome many blessings brothers & sisters!”

Have a blessed day, everyone! ❤️ 🤗 🙏🏼

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