Energizer Bunny

They once named a Client Services employee award after me in 1997…the “Mike LoRusso Energizer Bunny” award…when I was Director of USCC Micrographics. While I was honored, I was so very personally embarrassed as I tried to explain that, just like buildings, you always wait until the person is DEAD before you name something after them!!!

Even more embarrassing was when I had to travel to St. Louis to actually give it to an employee Consumer Credit employee …and no one (except the management team there) even knew whom the hell I was!!! 🤦🏻‍♂️

I had it discontinued as soon as I arrived back in San Antonio! “Thank you, but this is just not right! Sorry!”

I could just imagine if the rest of the USCC (be gespecially HR) had gotten wind of this!

Not only would I have been roasted on a daily basis by my peers…scorned by Senior Directors…and probably, somehow, blamed by Inhumane Resources, this is just something you don’t do!!!

Yeah, I was honored that Client Services leadership team under John Golio had actually dreamt this up…wrong action, but wonderful intent!…but the collateral damage would’ve been too much to handle & it would be so unfair to all other leaders & managers!

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