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Energizer Bunny

Pets & Grandparents

Being Religious & Being Righteous 



It’s Hard to Communicate

Hopefully, This’ll Brighten Your Day

The Pension

Common (Best) Practices

Reducing Police Presence

It’s ALL About Helping!!!

“YOU’RE OUT!!!”…or Are You???


🎵 I Just Met a Girl Named M… 🎶

Climb the Highest Mountain, Swim the Deepest Sea

She Said What?!?

Best Review So Far (Ever?)

Man of La Mancha

Spurs & Stuff

Damn Gringo!

You Wanna Know How I Feel???


Card Skimmers


I’m Soooooo Old…

Facebook Helpful Hints

I ❤️ New York

“Notes from the Beach”

Hmmm… 🤔

Another 9-11 Miracle



Parlez-vous français?

Growing Up

Where’s My Jumbo Jet???



Red vs. Blue




Holy shit!

Being a Leader

Ewww, What’s That Smell?!?

The Great ATM Scam of ’02

C-I-T-I Reunion Invoked Memories

Sometimes, Ya Just Gotta…

CBCs/Citicard Banking Centers

Risin’ From The Dead

“You Shot A What?!?”

My, What a NOBLE Deed!

So Many Insects!!!

Some People

Sleep & Other Stuff


Oh, Those First 90 Days!

Transferred Calls (and a little Medicare stuff)

Sports Loyalties

Card Purchases at Gas Stations

Catholic Upbringing

I’m Going on A Hunger Strike Unless…

Employee Anniversaries

Human Resouces

Conference Calls

A Couple of Hairy Adventures


The Big Easy

Getting Accustomed To Nebraska

My Unbreakable World Record

Sports Oddities


Informal Network & Exception Items

Ya Gotta Wanna

Supply & Demand

A Bottle of Red, A Bottle of…


50/50 Raffle & 🎳 Mathematicians

The Little Things

The Dangers of Spell Check

Presentation Skills

More Laurie Stuff

More Pl*meri Stuff


Those Damned NYers

Toll-Free Numbers

Inspect What You Expect

Transformation & Other Stuff

Decision-Making & Problems

You’re a Reflection of…

This Could Never, Ever Happen…Again!


What’s This Leadership Thing All About?

Employees, Customers, Company…Who’s #1?


Head, Heart, Gut

Some Other Leadership Traits

Take Control of Your Destiny & Environment

Informal Recognition & Thanks

Centralizing Branch Functions

Be Careful of Those Assumptions

Perception IS Reality

You Can & Should Learn Something New Every Day

Secretaries, Administrative Assistants

Leading Your People, Part ?

What Exactly is “Successful”?

More Random Thoughts

Calibration Sessions

Working on Positive Behaviors

Ranking vs. Rating Employees

Adding Value…No Matter What!

“But We’ve Always Done It This Way!”

Roughin’ It

Treating Your Customers Like…


Pool, Anyone?

Oh, Josephine!

🎵 Gloria! Gloria! Gloria! 🎶

Frank Deford III

High Anxiety

I’m so TIRED of this Crap!

Stuff Happens in 3s

Laurie’s Wake

Surprise! Surprise!

Granted, It Turned Out Well

Don’t Choke!

The 40-Hour Workweek

Things Were Different Then

Service Level vs. Operating Efficiency

Customer Centric Part 2

Control Desk & First Impressions

The Convalarium at Indian Hills

Don’t Treat my People like That!

Sports Injuries


Pls Review This!

82% Utilities Cost Reduction

John & Pete

Dan Owczar


Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

Hidden Costs

Never Again!


Oh, Some People!

Stuff I Learned Early On

Oh, those Consultants!

I Got this E-Mail Today

Food Drive

The People Know

Bending the Rules

An Interesting Day at the Track

Judges, Juries…and Forgiveness


Here’s the Scoop, er, Soup!

My Going-Away Party

Not Feeling Appreciated

The Shy Li’l Girl


Strange Stuff

Providing Valuable Feedback


Cherry Stems


Common Sense, Negotiation & Process Re-engineering

Build Business Rules into the System

Influencing People, Part II

Influencing (and helping) People

Problem Resolution, etc.

School’s Mission

The Nose Knows

Checkbooks & Bank of America

More Lehman Frustration

Pushing Changes at Lehman

Investing in Your People

Where’s the nearest branch?


The Bathtub



Disposable Litter Box

Making an Impression

The Truth shall set you free!

Being “Successful”

Call Monitoring Methodology

Your People

Home, Sweet Home

Working Nicely With Others

Demand Excellence

John Reed, Citi CEO

¿Quien Es Mas Estupido?

Passion…Ya Gotta Have It!

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

What a Strange Coincidence

I Got Stories

Incentive Compensation Programs

Become an Expert in Your Business

A Citi tale

Communicating with Employees

Employees as Customers

The First 90 Days

Rules, Rules, Rules…

Your Brain, Your Heart, Your ….?

Controlling Absenteeism


I Often Wonder…

What a Coinky-dink!

You Silly Wabbit!

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, The Old Man Is…

I Got Your Back!

And Now You Know The Whole Story…

I’m Begging You…

Of Machismo & Men

It’s All Camouflage

Citi @ Florence, KY

A Christmas Miracle

COVID-19 & Face Masks

More Leadership Stuff

Eggplant Parmigiana

Standing Up for your People

The Tire Co-in-ky-dink

Test of a Warrior

Cheesecake Recipes

Perception Is Reality

Communications Reminders

Adjusting to San Antonio

Respect, Trust & Passion