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About Me

Yes, it's true.

I know that I've been saying "I've been writing this blog..." for awhile now, but finally, it's come to fruition!

You'll find about 225 or so stories, pieces, articles, mind dumps...whatever you wanna call 'em...throughout this website. You can go through them in the order in which they were added to the blog or by category ("Back in My Day", "Didja Know?", "Customer Service", "Mike's Musings", "Operational Philosophies", "Stranger Than Fiction").

Everything I've written here is 100% true! A whole lot of it are my opinions on "how stuff should be done"...as a leader, in the business world, dealing with employees, working with customers, cutting through the bureaucracy.

They're based on what I've learned over the past 40+ years...through personal experiences, in observing others, in learning from, and reading about, "experts" in the field.

They represent my beliefs, my principles & my approaches to addressing, and conquering, the obstacles you face in trying to be the best possible leader.

I have a long history of business success at Citi, Lehman Brothers, First American/CoreLogic & Nationwide Financial. I'm currently disabled (legally blind) & frustrated as hell that I'm unable to re-enter the business world.

My leadership style is pretty unique but if you've ever worked for or with me, I'm sure you'll agree that it worked.

Very well, I might add.

I have a long record of "continuous improvement" (Kaizen), always improving business performance vs. the prior year(s)... even when I just assumed responsibility for a new area/business.

And "business performance" covers the full gamut of key metrics: customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, quality, productivity, efficiency, problem occurrence & resolution, sales, financials/profitability, expense control, risk/losses, employee retention, etc..

No bullshit here...it's the complete & unadulterated truth.

You may very well not agree with my philosophies or approaches. I know they worked for me & I hope that some/most/all of them will for you.

I apologize if I tend to sound preachy, boastful or if I repeat myself at times!

Oh, and I try my best to inject some humor into the proceedings.

As well as sarcasm & a very strong dose of irreverence.

"I really don't give a damned shit how you did it before! There's ALWAYS room for improvement & I'm shooting for levels never previously attained!"

Of course, I cared, but...

Pls take a look around...enjoy! And feel free to send me your comments & suggestions on what I've written or stuff you'd like to see!

Thank you so much!

This is Me. Writing Shit Down.

I know that you are intensely interested in how I do this.  

So I made this quick video of me doodling. How cool is this?

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